Most stable firmware for PMP450?

We're getting ready to deploy some new 450i 3.65 equipment, and are wondering what the most stable release version is so far. 



The 450i 3.65 radios are really new and they'll only run a couple different firmware revisions... i.e. the one they ship with, and 15.1 (and newer). I'd run 15.1 :-)

AND... 15.1.1 is right around the corner.

That's what we went with. Thanks for the help!

15.1 is good but has known bugs make sure you read he post about it, especially if you use the radius server thats affected. I know i have a variable number of release running because i'm mainly waiting on 15.1.1 since t will be a maintenance release of 15.1 to fix a number of bugs in 15.1 they found, i know its out in beta, but not sure when they are looking to release it to public. 

I know their a few issues and ap-resets that they are trying to track down before releasing. Really wish their was a public jira or something for bug tracking and for seeing which versions are affected by certain issues, but no company besides opensource software companies and few others seem to do that lol.