Moto Sponsored Training...

Well it’s all set. I’ll be flying out to Schaumburg in September. :smiley:

I’ll be sure to throw in my two cents about the training after I get back :wink:

I’m in Seattle now.

I will post my thoughts at the end of the week.

I’m registered to go to Schaumburg on the week of the Sept. 11. The confirmation e-mail said it was the week of Sept. 18. I’ve called serveral times to verify which week it is, and each time I’ve been told that CPT*** classes don’t exsist. I don’t have high hopes to find compentent trainers even if I do show up at the right time.

The Schaumburg class IS the week of September 11 - the old logistics letter shows the week of the 18th…THANKS for the heads-up!

Is there any way to convince Moto sales to “sponsor” a business for some free training?

I guess you will need to speak to your disti.

You must convince them that you will spend ALOT of money on Canopy.