Motorola CNUT Reply

First off I have sifted through all kinds of posts and entire threads relating to this problem. Not once have I seen a response from Motorola.

Please fix CNUT, I am so frustrated with its performance. From H/W scheduling to updating firmware it just does not work. It takes several tries of auto updating or hardcoding IP’s no matter how it is done it spits errors all over the place.

From errors connecting to interface via telnet, SNMP timeouts, Cannot determine Hardware Scheduling Information, to error transferring files! Server closed connection. And that is from one AP with about 30 connections. Its not overloaded, my SNMP settings are correct, I have tried with all SM’s having their own unique IP’s, a straight auto update from the AP. Ive even followed the suggested upgrade path as painful as that can be. Nothing works as it should.

Dont even get me started on when I have moved things over to H/W scheduling. A complete mess. I do remember when CNUT did work for the most part… the day it came out and ever since then it has just become this mess of krap that you have to do in order to get some of them up to date.

I could honestly go on and on about issues with this program. If you want to know why there are still a lot of people still on 7.x firmware I believe this has a lot to do with it. I know I dread even attempting to update my network.

If Im missing something please let me know but I think CNUT is a pile and needs to be re-written.



Agree here too. I have seen many of those errors happen, however I am able to use it. The one I have the most is the autoupdate server configuration. It just does not work. Even when you tell CNUT manually, it keeps applying the IP of the PC that runs CNUT, then when autoupdate goes into action, AP sees IP from router and autoupdate fails to enable. The first time I called about this they blamed the router saying I needed to open the ports for it to work. That is BS and if their tech support had just a little bit of training on TCP they would now this. Do not get me started with their techs support.

And I can’t even get it to install…

Don’t expect Motorola to post here. They do not read these forums. That has been made clear on a number of occasions. If you want support from Moto, this is not the way to get it.

As for CNUT, I imagine that since that functionality is now in Prizm, you probably won’t see it getting much attention.

As far as the autoupdate server setting on the AP, prizm has the same problem. I don’t think they re coded CNUT to put into prizm, they integrated it, carrying along all bugs and issues

Yes, CNUT sucks. It got arguably better when Motorola went from Perl to Java but it still totally sucks.

It does run better and have less timeouts and errors if you don’t run it behind NAT or a stateful firewall (or whatever.) Some UDP packets from CNUT take longer to get replies than some firewalls will keep UDP states for.

Overall CNUT is very frustrating, more so when Moto killed the ability to do hand upgrades with pkg2 format. The only practical way to extract the software images from pkg2 format to do your own upgrades is to run some kind of software that sniffs a CNUT upgrade and dumps the data stream payloads into files.

I think Moto does this to make it harder to try and flash an SM to be an AP and such… But anyone who is willing to go through the effort to do that (even the crude technique of simply soldering on a new flash chip) is not going to have a hard time capturing the images from CNUT. The rest of us who actually pay for Motorola gear are fuucked because we have to depend on these crappy tools. Gee, thanks guys.

I have and paid for prizm, dont even get me started…

I know they don’t read these posts anymore, and I didn’t expect a response. I just wanted to complain. I don’t call into to support because I have had a couple of “warnings” that have been documented for not following procedure; whatever the hell that means. Basically they don’t like me.

I have contacted a fellow I know who is going to take a look at everything and write something that can replace CNUT for me. He already has scripts running that do several of the things prizm can do. It runs fast and does exactly what it is supposed to do.