Motorola PTP-500 and Cambium PTP-500

Hi, I couldn't find a question do my answer anywhere else:

We have an existing Motorola PTP-500 point-to-point link. In terms of spares, could we replace one of the Motorola PTP-500 with a Cambium PTP-500. Are these actually the same model as they look the same.

Would other Cambium PTP models also be compatible, e.g. the PTP-450i? In terms of keeping spares this would be beneficial as we also have a PTP-450i based link.

Thanks, Markus

Hi Markus,

All of the following are compatible:

Motorola PTP300

Cambium PTP500

However PTP450i is NOT for either of the later models.



Gerry is correct, as usual, and the Cambium PTP 500 hardware is identical to the Motorola PTP 500 hardware. The latest System Release is 500-05-04. You can download firmware and the associated PTP 300/500 User Guide here: 

Also, it's correct that PTP 300 and PTP 500 can interwork, from Release 05-00 onwards.

PTP 300/500 and PTP450i are completely different products and cannot interwork.

Thanks very much.