Motorola PTP vs. Redline

How well do the redline bh’s specifically the an-80i compare to the Motorola OFDM PTP4/5/600?
Does anyone use redline for backhauls?
Are they reliable?
Do they have low latency?
Any specific issues to worry about?(particular to redline)

We’ve been running an assortment of AN-80i PTP, AN-80i PMP, and AN-50e PTP for about two years now and they are very stable. Only Redline-specific issue we have had was on the PMP master - one firmware load had a bug that caused the internal ethernet switch to lock up, causing us to lose the slave links but keep management. We since got a new load from Redline and the only issues we’ve had were interference or wind related.

Average latency on an 8 mile link between two switches is 2 ms on an AN-80i PTP at 72 mbps burst rate

We have a couple Redline links and they are rock solid. I’d def. recommend them over a P400 or P600

do they seem to be as interference “resistant” as the PTP4/5/600?

nucoles wrote:
do they seem to be as interference "resistant" as the PTP4/5/600?

We have one 5.4 out in the middle of nowhere we havn't had any problems with.

Another is a 5.8 in a very crowded band. Its set on the only clean channel and we havn't had a single problem with it.

so i would say yes they can work well in noisy enviroments ,granted the link is engineered correctly.

Agreed. Our “worst” link is a colocated 5.8 PMP on a Time MCI tower. It’s running three clients, at 18 Mbps on a 10 MHz channel with 24 dB SNR - we could go higher if there was more spectrum for a 20 MHz channel. The only time we experience an issue is when someone changes their freq and overlaps. The tower also holds other OFDM and Canopy gear at 5.7/5.8 GHz.

sounds like pretty good deal especially for the price comapred to motorola ptp. thanks for all the info.

oh also, is the web interface fairly easy to configure with or does it have proprietary software to do that?

do you need any additional equipment other than antenna and the an-80i module itself, to get this thing up and going?

sorry to keep asking about redline equip. on the motorola forum but we have used the ptp’s with great success just trying to see if we can save a little $$$ on this next link that we need to upgrade.