Motorola Surge Suppressor Problem ATTN Motorola Tech Support

I have read some articles on and other places where Canopy users state that they realize huge error rates when utilizing the Motorola Canopy Surge Suppressor. One article claimed that they simply removed the ground wire from the SS and the errors disappeared.

We recently setup a customer 4.26 miles away from our transmitter site. RSSI is between 846-890, with jitter between 2 and 3. Ping times to the customer’s Cisco can get as high as 1500 ms from a network other than ours. From inside our network, ping times can get as high as 1000 ms. I have not been out yet since the install, but I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar, heard anything similar, or if Motorola Tech support has any comments. There are other users connected to the same Access Point, some with lower RSSI and about the same Jitters, but ping times with them are great. Note that these other customers are NOT using the Surge Suppressors.

Motorola Tech Support - I must say that your responses in this forum are excellent, and much much better than those answers provided by techs on the 800 line. Everytime I call, they always end up putting me on hold for unreasonable time periods to consult with “Product Experts”. I usually end up answering my own questions while I am on hold!