Mount the integrated ODU at 45 degrees to the vertical (advantages)

Hello, What are the advantages, if there is, to mount the integrated ODU at 45 degrees to the vertical (polarization?) Thanks

If you're deploying in an area with high levels of interference, you might be able to see a slight improvement in RF performance by mounting the integrated antenna at a 45deg slant. Most 5GHz antennas use H/V polarity, and by using a +-45deg slant, you will see about 3dB of noise reduction on each chain.

In a typical deployment, interference arrives from various azimuth angles, but from a small range of elevation angles close to the horizon. Ideally we should provide the best directional characteristics for the antenna in the horizontal plane.

As it happens, the directional characteristics of the integrated antenna are better when measured on the diagonal. This seems reasonable considering that the diagonal angle provides a wider overall physical antenna aperture.

When the ODU is rotated by 45 degrees (so that the antenna appears as a diamond shape) we're simply aligning the best antenna pattern with the likely distribution of interferers.

Thank you very much for your excelent contribution!!!!!