mounting to water towers

We are looking to put some gear on top of a city water tower.

This is an older pedestal type of tower with no external hardware to speak of to mount to.

I see the cell people putting gear on top of old water towers.
For their mounting hardware, I always see what looks like a vertical tube coming up from the top of the tower.

It makes me wonder if there is some standard mounting hardware that I can buy for water towers?

Non Penetrating Roof Mount? … groupId=50

the Quickmounts are pretty nice.

Thanks Jerry.
I don’t think these will work because the top of the water tower is round.
I don’t know how these would stay in place. I have used these on flat
roofs before.

how round?

Can you use a triangle version? … ventPage=1

That looks like it would work.

I also found what the cell people use, called a “pod mount”.

Thanks for the help.