Moved a device, but lost content on map page

My google map is blank now after changing the Coordinates of a device. No imagery or devices. Any suggestions. Running on Windows 2008 Server R2.

The cause for this ended up being an incorrectly entered lat/lon value which caused the Google maps API to choke. We’ll be adding additional error checking in our next release to prevent this from occurring.

If you encounter this issue take the following steps:

1. Navigate to Discover/Reports and launch the inventory report.
2. Carefully review the latitude and longitude values.
3. When you locate the one with the error, delete that device from the Discover/Inventory view and rerun discovery.

The device will go back to its default location on the map, at which time you can try updating the latitude/longitude values again.

If you have your lat/lon values in a CSV file, you can also just fix and reimport the CSV file which will avoid having to delete and rediscover the device.