Moving AP Clusters and SM from one Prizm Server to Another

In our company we have 3 sets of redundant Prizm servers in our network.

Each Prizm server handles a POP location of customers.

What we need to do is move a demographic area from one pop to another pop, this means we will need to move roughly 80 AP’s and all the associated SM’s, about 2500.

Has anyone ever moved select data from one Prizm server to another? All servers are identical, we just need to export the AP’s somehow, associated SM’s and Bandwidth Plans.

Thanks in advance.


We just tried this. Ouch. Ended up rediscovering things. Prizm works in … mysterious ways sometimes. Your best bet might be writing a script in your language of choice to move the data from one sql server to another. (We also converted from postgres to mysql … mmm nice)