Moving from 2.4Ghz to 3.65Ghz PMP450

Does anyone have experience comparing 2.4Ghz PMP450 to a 3Ghz PMP450, in terms of their RF performance?  And I'm refering to a plain old, first-gen, non-Medusa, 3Ghz PMP450 AP.

I'm in a fairly rural setting, not all of our 2.4 links have a clear LOS, but still perform really with RSSI up to a -65/-70.  Obviously those numbers are less than ideal, but I use it as an example for near-LOS capabilities in that band. 

I'm thinking about adding some 3Ghz for increased site capcity, and curious if anyone has tried a swapping a marginal 2.4 link to a 3Ghz radio, and what their results were?

Same, similar, worse? 

Any input will be greatly appreciate.  Thanks!

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We replaced all our remaining 2.4 with 3.65, but we were going from 2.4 FSK. We never deployed 450 in 2.4 GHz. Also any new 3.65 APs would presumably be 450i not 450.

I don’t have specific numbers for you, but all the conversions worked as well or better than the old 2.4 links. Once we transitioned to CBRS, they worked even better. Combination of less noise and higher xmt power, especially with 450b SM.

Yes we can shoot through the occasional tree, but I still don’t consider this a NLOS solution. We don’t find that we can shoot through more than a couple trees and I still prefer to do LOS unless it’s a very short link.

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