Moving RSSI/Jitter Value

Hi There!

I have strange problem with my BH20 whats linking 25km distance. It has RSSI 900 to 1200 value, and jitter is moving between 2 and 9. The problem is, downlink value is also moving between 90% and 100%, but sometimes the link is out for a while.
On Slave side, tx gain is 24 rx level -64 to -71, on Master side tx gain is 19 (why is that so big difference?) and rx level is -60 to -65. Of course, there is a clear los with great freshnel, and i still don’t know why there is better rssi in the night than daytime :frowning:

check the environment properly.Are there any water bodies or reflective materials along the path. Are there other radios within the path. Check these things very well there could be something along the path.

Well, as I know, there is absolutely no water, and seems not foliage (our region is using soft plastik to cover foliage) within path. Maybe there are other links crossing, but in fact i don’t think so. I know, on the remote site there are several 5.8G links (or near to, but as possible, it’s shielded with lifthouse). To tell the truth, I have installed 2 links onto the next building, both of them is Canopy too, and completely separated in frequency. There is other P2P link about 50-100meters away, but frequency separation is also done (measured with Canopy’s Spectrum Analyser). If interested I can supply pictures too. And I also have RSSI/Jitter graphed for those of needs. Thanks for any idea.

It seems, after choosing other channel, the thruput is stabilized. (The jitter and RSSI is not) it interefered with other.