MRTG and Version 8

I have been using MRTG for years to monitor network activity at subscriber’s homes. I think I used the MRTG configuration supplied by Motorola in the Document Library (that document is no longer there)

After upgrading the software in a few subscriber modulesto Version 8, MRTG is no longer reporting anything as far as traffic on the ethernet port. The RSSI and Jitter rates are still being reported correctly.

Here are the configuration lines that I have for gathering ethernet activity in MRTG:

### Interface Traffic
Title[]:Traffic Analysis for - Ethernet Interface

Can anyone tell me what needs to be changed so that software Version 8 subscriber modules report ethernet traffic correctly?


Curt Johnson
Vertical Solutions

motorola has some document with the current OIDs for the ethernet and wireless ports. try to put those into your MRTG config somehow. alternately, start using cacti and do it all through a web interface. cacti will figure out the OIDs for you based on a walk of the snmp ifindex. or you can even use a script that comes with MRTG to do that.