MRTG Interfaces on Canopy AP - No Ethernet or RF traffic????

Hello. Going throught the Canopy documentation for MRTG, it appears that there is no MRTG interface to monitor the traffic passing through the AP either through the ethernet port or the RF interface. Both of these Interfaces have monitoring on the SM side. Is there a reason for this?

The CMM does allow you to monitor traffic on a given port. Not all of my APs run through CMM units though. Is it possible to have an MRTG port assigned on the AP that will allow you to monitor traffic?

Any thoughts, please let me know.


What SW version are you running?

We are on 7.3.6 and monitor all AP’s Ethernet traffic.

I am using version 8.1.5. What MRTG variable do you use? ... ine_tools/


Object ID:

Syntax: Counter
Constraints: 0..4294967295
Access: read-only
Status: current

The total number of octets received on the
interface, including framing characters.