mrtg on canopy problem

Hi can someone quickly have a look at this…
81.81 is my CISCO
66/77 are BH’s

MRTG is not interrrigating my CISCO interfaces because I have that nointerfaces flag in there but i need that for the canopy BH’s. MRTG docs say that the script puts the settings in order of appearance so aslong as my nointerface is after the router i should be ok…

Any help greatly appreciated…


./cfgmaker --global ‘WorkDir: /var/www/html/mrtg’ ’
--global ‘Options[_]: bits,growright’ ’
--global ‘RunAsDaemon: Yes’ ’
--global ‘Interval: 5’ ’
--output /home/mrtg/cfg/mrtg.cfg ’
public@ ’
--host-template=…/templates/canopy/canopy-bh-slave.template ’
--nointerfaces ’
public@ ’
--host-template=…/templates/canopy/canopy-bh-master.template ’
public@ ’