MRTG SNMP Graphing Help

I have a PTP450i I am trying to graph with MRTG.  Here is mrtg.cfg config file summerized:

  Target[backhaul_1]: -1:Canopyro@10.16.x.x:::::2
  MaxBytes[backhaul_1]: 25000000
  Unscaled[backhaul_1]: dwmy
  Title[backhaul_1]: backhaul_1
  PageTop[backhaul_1]: <H1>backhaul_1 10.16.x.x</H1> 

I call it with cron every 5 minutes like so:

  env LANG=C /usr/bin/mrtg /var/www/html/backhauls/mrtg.cfg --logging /dev/null

Seems as though whenever the link excedes 100 mbit by just a bit the graphing goes all messy.  Any idea why?  Is it not a 64 bit counter on the Canopy or something like that?

It could be that the counter is only 32 bit, and resets.  We are currently looking into making changes to several counters to update to 64 bit.  Will post with progress as we move forward.

Which counter (OID) are you looking at here?

The ethernet interface I beleive.


Has the ethernet snmp counter been updated from 32 bit in 15.1.1?

Please use OIDs in "ifXTable" (., of IF-MIB, for 64-bit ethernet counters.