Just wondering i saw there was talk in some slides back in 2012 of 40mhz and mu-mimo support were those things still planned or already implemented or coming soon, i just haven’t seen a release timeline or feature plan lately.

i also saw that dual siso was supposedly planned what happened to that ?

Chris - We don’t typically discuss future plans in a public forum, but we continually invest in research and development of many things, and have a significant investment (and vested interest) in the PMP 450 platform. Features and new technologies are planned for this platform, keep an eye out for announcements and beta software that will become available for PMP 450 in the near future.

Sorry I didn’t answer your question directly, but I can’t comment on the REALLY COOL things that we’re planning for the PMP 450.

IMHO, Cambium Networks needs to move away from the generic wifi sort of products and focus on high spectral efficiency with higher bits per hertz PMP products.
No point in offering generic wifi clones that are so inefficient you require 40mhz+ per sector just to service a few customers…
LTE/4G has proven that low bandwidth requirements ie. 10mhz can release huge speed and coverage to plethora of subscribers.

From what I’ve heard, dual-SISO should be coming out with the 13.2 firmware, which is currently in beta. You should be able to join their beta program and download it if you can’t wait. MU-MIMO is still on the roadmap but is not guaranteed at this point. In my opinion, any beamforming at all would be exciting, MU or not.