mu-mimo in upload

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any eta for the mu-mimo feature in upload?

Thank you in advance Giuseppe



Your timing is impeccable.  Development of Up-Link MU-MIMO is well underway and we expect initial field trials in late Spring and initial commercial release mid-year.  We are anticipating two releases.  First, dedicated Up-Link MU-MIMO; ideally suited for upstream rich applications like CCTV backhaul.  And then approximately 3-months thereafter an integrated release where both Up-Link and Down-Link MU-MIMO are operating simultaneously on the PMP 450m platform.  

Are you using the PMP 450m today?  Can you share the use case, your experience thus far, and what your expectations of Up-Link MU-MIMO are?  Any suggestions for PMP 450m other than Up-Link MU-MIMO?



We are using medusa for backhauling to small cells anf they works great we are testing with success 100M download and 5M upload for customers and we 'd like to offer service with more upload.

450M with 45° antenna for noisy enviroment with half price it'll be an interesting solution ;-)

Also half priced CPE 'd be a dream



An interesting application and certainly not typical.  A couple of follow-up questions.  How many clients are attached to the 450m on average?  I assume that each client supports a singled small cell - correct?  is the small cell 3G or 4G, and does it include a Wi-Fi access point as well?


Actually we are mixing small cells max 4 per 450M, buildings e 100 mega customers the perfomace are globallty good for all CPE not grouped with a small cell. We are planning to move small cells to fiber or dedicated PtP to use medusa only for customers. We have 40 cpe per medusa but we plan to arrive to +100 without small cells. Small cells generally are omni mikrotik based with 40 clients with 50 mb/s max performance.

With cheaper CPE medusa 'll be a good solutions to compete with fiber services but now setup cost is too high to grow up and to setup a cost effective network.

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Uplink MU-MIMO (under development) operating under ideal conditions: