Multi Vlan Issues

Hello All, 

I am running into an issue using multiple Vlans on a R200 with the most current non beta FW. 

The Goal is to have Port 1-3 and the First SSID on a vlan, for example 1001, and be for only internet traffic. And the have Port 4 and SSID3 be only for video traffic on Vlan 66. Both with static IP's

I have ran through a couple configuration options with VLAN id's and SVLAN unsucessfully, and I wanted to start fresh and config as you folks suggest. 

Currently I have the connection profile for the internet ports set to "INTERNET' for the service, and the STB/Video port set to "Other".

Thank you in advance

Hi ,

Please follow this article for configuring your R200 .

If you still have issue , please raise a service ticket on .