Multicast PMP mode


I have following setup of epmp 100. AP (ePMP 1000 GPS Sync 5 GHz + epmp 1000 Sector Antenna 90 deg)  Client SM (ePMP 1000 Integrated Radio 5 GHz)  SM is only 0,5 km from Base station.  Modulation is MCS 15 / MCS 15. Internet is working fine there is no problem at all, but have issues with multicast. Initially AP and SM were on firmware 2.2, multicast was working, but only on MCS1, so it was useless at that time. Firmware 2.3 introduced multicast to unicast convert feature. We upgraded AP and SM to 2.3, and never get multicast working again even on MCS1. We have two layer 2 switches on both sides of the link. Over the link we pushing trunk with vlans (data, management, multicast). On SM we are untanging trunk to ports. Internet is working fine, multicast is not, even we see on AP Total Multicast Groups = 5 and on SM Total IGMP group currently subscribed = 5. We assume that our STB (IPTV box) while loading firmware from server needs more multicast groups then can be set on SM (max 5


Sorry to hear this. Does this happen only if you enable Multicast->Unicast? Does it help if you disable it?

We're investigating this now. 



I disabled it, but no change! 

We are having similar issues using IPTV.  Link is 1.5 mi.

set up as PTP.   We get intermittent freezing of the picture on most but not all channels.  Seems to be worse on the DVR unit but the standard boxes have it some as well.   Can anyone explain more about how best to handle multicast or Unicast traffic?

My the way, Internet over the link is fine but we are not using it right now just to assure it is not interfering with the video.

Hi Mareks and Valunet,

We have tried to reproduce your issue in the lab.  Here is our results:

fw: release-2.3.3
mode: 75/25 and flexible
Multicast streams: 5 (overall load ~ 80 MBps)
Broadcast Storm control: 100 pps (for SM/AP)

in case of 20 Mhz on 75/25 with Reliable Multicast OFF
DL Multicast throughput ~ 7.5 MBps

in case of 20 Mhz on flexible with Reliable Multicast OFF
DL Multicast throughput ~ 10.5 MBps

in case of 40 Mhz on 75/25 with Reliable Multicast OFF
DL Multicast throughput ~ 15 MBps

in case of 40 Mhz on flexible with Reliable Multicast OFF
DL Multicast throughput ~ 20.8 MBps

in case of 20/40 on 75/25 and flexible with Reliable Multicast ON
DL Multicast throughput ~ 80 MBps without losses

As you can see the feature is working well for us on our lab set up.

We would like to continue to work with you to help you solve the problem you are experiencing with your deployment.  Could you contact customer support via the URL provided at:

This will provide someone to actively support you.



Your link seems to display MCS15 which tells me that your RF link is good. You have also verified this with internet traffic.

Could you please share the tput you are getting with internet traffic?

Could you also please provide a network diagram along with model #s of our STB, configuration of our routers etc?

We will reproduce your setup in our lab and see if there is an issue around unicast to multicast conversion.

Btw - in monitor-->performance on the wireless side do you see multicast counters increase? What is the proportion of these counters compared to the total counter?



Your issue around multicast maybe related to the link quality. Could you please share the following -

DL & UL MCS state

Wireless link test tput results