Multicast traffic 820c


We have a 820c and we tried to send traffic multicast  of tv and we can see that we are having pixelations, is there a way for make a priorization of this kind of traffic? Thank you

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How much is your link utilized? How much of your capacity is occupied?

How is the 820C configured? Are both cores operational? If they are both operating are you using MC-ABC or LAG(radio/switch) to aggregate traffic?

Also on your switches/routers do you have IGMP Snooping enabled?

We are sending 600 Mb of multicast over a 4+0 deployment, so we have 1,2 Gb of capacity, that we are using the 50 % of capacity

We have set like 4+0 deployment, whit an aggregation (portchannel on cisco switches), with a lag on the radios,and yes, We have both cores operational with a lag on the radios.  Yes We have IGMP Snooping enabled. 

Ok on the switch are you doing hashing on the L2 or L3 level? This is where the MC-ABC feature is so handy is that it will bind the two cores on a L1 level so that your switch only sees "one" path across the link vs two paths. I've had customers experience where they are getting "half" of the bandwidth that was expected because of the Hashing of the switch that was doing the LAG. With MC-ABC your limited to the physical interface speed of 1Gbps so if you will not exceed the 1Gbps FD threshold I would recommencd MC-ABC.