Multicast Traffic


I have a topology like a picture below :

I want to delivery 10 Mbps internet service and multicast data for cable TV services.

please advise, what cambium products support multicast traffic ?



Both PMP450 and ePMP support multicast data.

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Hello  Eric Ozrelic

Have you ever tried sending multicast data?
how is the topology applied?

is there any data that proves that multicast data can be missed by ePMP and PMP 450i?

I am not sure what you mean by "data can be missed". Multicast traffic is not acknowledged. It is treated like broadcast traffic in that it is sent out, but not confirmed by the receiving side... if the SM does not receive it, the AP will not attempt to re-transmit because it doesn't know.

There is an option to automatically retransmit multicast traffic 0, 1, or 2 times to create a better chance that the other end will receive the entire set of data. 

Further, on the 450 platform, there is an option to transmit multicast traffic at higher modulations. Typically, multicast traffic is sent in the lowest modulation supported by the radio, such that is is certain that any radio connected will receive it. However, if you are confident all of the SMs in the sector are able to achieve higher modulations, you can set multicast traffic to be sent at those higher modulations, so it takes less frame time to transmit. However, if an SM is not operating in that modulation, it will not receive the data.