Multiple backhauls at same tower

Ok, i’ve been searching and can’t find a thread with this specific problem.
Will this theoritically work?

3 backhauls, same frequency, masters all at some tower, one going north, one going northeast, one going east. Now if we just chose 3 frequencies as far from each other as possible would it work? We were planning on using 5.7 BHs. for all, or should we maybe put the one pointing northeast to a 2.4 BH? The reason we need to use them is because we need the 20Mbps and they are all at least 7 miles distance.

Any 5.7 AP’s in there? If not, you should have no problems, put one at the far end of the spectrum, one in the middle, and one at the bottom. I would shoot for physical separation as well.

If you have 5700AP’s in there, then your idea of 2x 5700BH, 1x 2400BH makes sense.

I suggest you do an RF analysis of the tower and make sure you have clean spectrum across the 5.7 band.

We have 2 5700BH20, and 3 5700AP on the same tower, and it works fine.

They are 900 APs, so in that case you think we could put 3 5.7 BHs up fine? If so how much vertical separation should we use?

We have 3- 5.7 bh masters on the same tower have had for a couple of years. one points south one north the other east.

There is about 10’ of seperation

I think that the 3ea 5700BH’s will work assuming that all of the spectrum is available, and that nobody else puts up anything in that band. Go with as much physical separation as you can manage.

Personally, knowing what I know about this business and the equipment, I would put one at 5.7, one at 5.2, and one at 2.4 to ensure that I would have maneuverability in the future.

ok, yeah we already have a 5.7 up (that will eventually switch to an OFDM). So we’re probably just going to add another 5.7 and then a 2.4, thanks!