Multiple canopy environment

We have a canopy network in place and last week another tower fairly close to one of ours was put up and they are using canopy as well. That tower interferes with us, does anyone have any suggestions on what can be done on our end to avoid that interference?

Any help would be appreciated.

Probably not loads of help, but you could try re-tuning your access points to use a different singalling frequency in whatever spectrum your Access Point is tuned to (e.g. 2.4Ghz, 5.8Ghz etc) so that it differs to your neighbor.

Depending on your deployment you typically have 3 non-overlapping frequencies in the spectrum to play with, by finding out what frequencies the other deployment is using you can try and make sure any signal overlap happens with non-overlapping frequencies thus cutting out interference. I forget the non-overlapping bands, but they are covered in the AP release notes.

Easiest way to find out what the other guy is doing is to ask, or failing that your subscriber module should have some tools to view local signal strength of wireless transmissions which might help clue you in.

The easiest way for the both of you to co-exist would be to communicate with each other. I would highly recommend making sure that both towers are utilizing a CMM for timing. Second you may want to plan your frequencies around each other if possible. In most situations you can co-exist without any issues as long as both parties work together.

Obviously working together is the best choice always. Would transmit frame spreading help out in this situation at all?