Multiple Subnets

Looking for some input on using cnMaestro in a bit of a different way. So we are not the WISP, but we are the tower owner and we sell to WISPs. Each has their own network and we do not want any cross contamination between them. Do we have any options to use one install of cnMaestro to manage all of the network? I can get the APs to onboard, but the SMs won't since they are in a different network. We would really like to avoid the routing option, because again, we don't want cross talk between the networks.

Maybe I'm missing an option, but would love some input.

The only requirements for devices to onboard to cnMaestro is that they have outbound access to the cnMaestro instance on ports 80 and 443 and are also running the minimum requried version.

Is the network design preventing the SMs from contacting cnMaestro?  Are you using cloud or On-Premises?

My bad, forgot to mention we are using on-premise, which is on the same subnet as the APs. It is the SMs that are on the different networks.

At this point I'm wondering if the cloud version is a better fit. We wanted to try and keep all in house to be able to integrate with our internal systems (ie: ordering).

It sounds like you would need to do some sort of routing or maybe VLANs.  I don't think I know enough about your network to give a definitive answer.  The SMs must be able to reach out to the cnMaestro server.  You may be able to set up some rules in the SMs or maybe your routers in order to segregate your SMs or block traffic on those routes except outbound on ports 80 and 443.

The cnMaestro server will still be a common point for the SMs but being very strict on the networking rules may be acceptable (outbound only).

Our final resolution on this is that cnMaestro is not the tool for our network. It was not designed for the use we want to get out of it with multiple providers having segregated networks. We have some ideas moving forward, but probably going to go the radius route.