Multiple VLANS at susbcriber home

I recently had a new WISP ask how they could use seperate VLANS to a customer home, one for data, one for voice, and a seperate one to manage the PMP450 subscriber radio, when the ethernet interface can only tag and untag one VLAN.  For this scenario the new C-3 VOIP equipment is just the perfect solutuion.  The C-3 gear can put all of this traffic one unique VLANS, and the PMP450 can be left to send the entire trunk right through the Ethernet interface.  There are other benefits to this solution - by providing the WIFI router the operator can take steps to ensure that it is never set on the same frequency that the PMP450 Subscriber is using.  The operator can even take on more of home router configuration, making sure that the user does not create a problem for themselves and a support call.

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