Mute the PTP 650/700 transmitter

Sometimes it is necessary to mute the wireless transmitter in a PTP 650/700 link. For example, it might be useful when installing and commisioning a link, or when diagnosing interference problems.

Of course, it's always possible to remove power from the ODU configured as the TDD Master. This certainly mutes the link, but you might want to avoid the additional outage caused by the subsequent restart. Note that the ODU configured as the TDD Slave will not transmit unless it detects the corresponding master, so here there is no need to power down both ends.

We provide the Enable Transmission control on the System Configuration page of the web-based interface as a more convenient way to mute the transmitter on the TDD Master. This control is not displayed by default, and you need to enable the control before you can mute the transmitter.

Enable the control in the Management | Web | Web Properties page by setting Transmitter Mute Control = Enabled like this:

Transmitter Mute Control.png

The mute control is then displayed in the Wireless Configuration page like this:

When transmission is muted, the button text changes like this:

Remember not to mute transmission if the network connection between your PC and the TDD Master ODU uses the wireless link that will be muted. There is no easy way back once the wireless link is disabled.


The Enable Transmission attribute is also an SNMP object with Read/Write access and OID .

This allows a management application to mute transmission. One possible use to to create a function to mute all links at the same time.

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