my 2 cents, which may be repeats....

First off, I would like there to be a troublshooting documentation. I mean, some sort of interpretation of these error codes, and better interpretation of fields in the menues like, echem… overruns. Manual says that this is a field that tells you the amount of overruns. I could guess that- lol, but that does that MEAN? Also errors in the log file… just some kind of list. if there is one, please direct me, otherwise, I think that would be awsome!

I have seen the talk of NTP server- I would like to simply be able to set my time in the CMMs like (GMT-6) so that my times would be correct instead of always off by 5 hours :slight_smile:

Another would be some sort of readout page on the CMM at least, but on all units would be great. like recources used, pps, and stuff. I know that’s close to what snmp would do for me, but I would love to have a status screen that shows me proc % and stuff like that. Then I would be able to tell if my cmm (especially) or BH is being overloaded or what. This along with the documentation for the errors would be awsome.

Another would be some sort of filters set on the CMM or BH. Perhaps the BH would be a better place. The same filters that are on the SM would be great really :slight_smile: that way all unwanted traffic could be blocked from there, or dropped for that matter.

THose are all I can come up with at the time. I imagine that most people have different needs… but as I said, those are my 2 cents :idea: