My CMM resets after 10 minutes

the gps signal lost and found all the time

Check the antennas position. If it is tilted, straighten it. Check the antenna line and connectors as well. How mant satellites are tracked/visible?

The antenna position had been changed two times and is absolutely correct now, straightend and fixed. We used a better quality cable, called “RG213” both sides with N-connectors and a N-to-BNC-adapter and the connectors are ok, i checked them twice. 6 satellites are visible and 4 are tracked, Sync OK and 2d Fix Mode. In the Event Log you can see that the GPS Pulse is detected and secondes later it is lost. Do you have any other idea?


I’ve never used an RG cable for a GPS unit. Perhaps you need an LMR cable instead. What’s the length of your RG213 cable?

RG213 is 50-ohm cable - same as an LMR400, so that’s not the problem.

Tracking 4 satellites won’t get it.

I would suspect that there is new interference that is affecting your GPS antenna. Try moving the GPS antenna to another part of the tower. Movit it up, move it down, shake it all around…

I will test it…and write the solution in the forum