My Day with 9000 AP's and SM's

My area is VERY hilly. While I have a great POP location at 3,000 feet on a lone peak, we have alot of LOS problems and as such have had difficulty with more potential installs that I would like.

I installed 2 new 9000 ap’s yesterday. Have a couple of success stories to share:

1. Tried to install a sub back on 12/14 that I could NOT get to hook up with a 5700, 2400, or 900 no matter how hard I tried. He is about 2.0 miles from the antenna but he is at the foot of the mountain with a small rise between him and the antenna partially blocking the Fresnel Zone.

Came back down after installing the 9000ap, set him up with a 9000sm and viola! Solid as a rock, killer speeds and pretty much didn’t need to aim. The connection really wouln’t un-register. AMAZING

2. About 4 months ago I moved into a house that is 6 miles from the tower. It sits low with a large tree line smack in the path. Couldn’t connect with a 5700 or a 2400 (no 900ap in this sector). Used a 9000sm and wadda ya know!. Set it up for hardware scheduling and found the quietest frequency. Getting pretty decent speeds and I’m not pirating the neighbor’s unsecured Linksys :-). My uplink is not what I would like but I think I’m off a little in my aim and the sm is too close to the roof. We’llsee if I can dial that in a little.

3. Had a potential customer (actually a few potentials) sitting up in a valley that we could not get to. Did some surveys today and I should be able to get most if not all of them.

only one real bummer, we have a number of people up another valley that we have never been able to service, and we still can’t. As good as these radios are, there are limitations.

They cost more, but I can get more subs with them so in the long run it will pay off.

Jerry Richardson
airCloud Communications

So if I understand your post correctly, you put up 2 900Mhz Advantage Ap’s and by using 900Mhz SMs you are getting much better NLOS coverage through thicker trees than with the non-Advantage 900Mhz?

Also, what type of trees are you going through and about how many on a 2 mile and 6 mile distance?


I did not do a foliage comparison between the 900 and 9000. My comparison was a 900 vs 9000 looking around a hill.

I did another install today with a 9000 looking through a building - again no LOS. Granted I am only .5 mi away, but through a building? Pretty good.

If you are in a heavy foliage area, I think that you would see improvement with the 9000’s.

Also, ver 6.1 has definately improved performance.


Are referring to a Canopy 900 with a built in filter or another product when you mention a 9000?

The new 9000SM integrated radios

FWIW, I did not use external filters on the 900 with the external antenna.