Nanostation M5 brick after enable chose Spectral Analyser mode

Hello i flash XM nanostation with firmware 3.5.2, normal first binary file and 2nd upload .tgz archiv ... All look good, but i only check lb higher ping on nanostation (i meen that cambium use some priority qos for ping on device) ... All function work correctly.

But after i switch device to Spectral mode, and reboot it, but from this time device is inaccessible, no default IP, no,, no lease ip from dhcp, i try wireshark too .... without success.

I i power on device, i see red+orng. light together up, now +green and after sometime next green. After one minute i have on device power led on, lan led on, and one red led on .... And lan blinking - standard.

Cambium Discovery Tool without success.

Thank you for answer


I miss i try reset hold with power on, reset wait one min, reset wait 2 min, reset only push, tftpd recovery with pc setup ip and many other


To recover N M5 unit you have to use UBNt procedure and flash it with their firmware first... We are not changing unit bootloader so use on PC, TFTP accordingly then Elevate.