NAT ARP Private Statistics

I will post this here while waiting for DSLreports to come back online…

I have a 900SM P10 on 11.2 software, AP is also on 11.2, P9 hardware.

SM is in NAT mode, running 1x.

The following stat counters in the ARP section on the SM are climbing fast:
ARP request received: 5086
ARP request tossed: 43322
ARP response transmitted: 5086

What exactly is the “tossed” counter and why is it changing so quickly? Now it is 43563.

You’d have to run a packet capture on the ethernet to find out, but I’d guess that the ARP requests are for a subnet that the SM does not know about. Like if there was a LAN on another range plugged into a switch or the PCs were multihomed or something.

Its just a single PC connected to the SM. SM in DHCP/nat mode.

I will try a packet capture to see what is going on.