NAT Port mapping..

Hi. I’m trying to open ports on my sm to work with a bittorent client. I’ve checked with my ISP and it turns that they can’t help me. When I access the GUI of the canopy it has NAT port mapping features… but i can’t find any resources on how to make it work… Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks…

The NAT port mapping feature is designed to help with single port applications such as SSH, POP, SMTP, HTTP, etc. It was not designed to forward the large ranges which bit torrent requires.

If you really need bit torrent you will need to ask your ISP what they can do to make it work for you. They might not be setup to handle it.

Max_Rayne, try to use utorrent ( client to download torrents. You can configure utorrent with ONE fixed port for incoming connections…then you can add the portmapping in the SM.