Nat problem?

I have created a network topology which i m using an access point as a nat gateway. To be specific i hided the internal network from my users as a new vlan have been created. The problem is ,as i noticed, that my users seemed to have a network issues at least 1-2 times per week and the only way to solve the problem  is to to restart those access points which operated as a nat gateway .. This is not a dhcp lease problem for sure  because i have seen that when the problem is on effect the users have an assigned  ip address.  Unfortunately the network is far away from my bussiness address and i cant be there for further troubleshooting.

Which fw are you using on that AP?
Manually provisioned or through cnmaestro (which version)?
When issue occurs make a support file of that AP so that someone on forum can check the file

I'm using the latest fw but , as i checked today, the problem still exists..
My whole network (the ap) are provisioned and controlled through cloud version of the  cnmaestro.
I have download the support file but i cannot atached it here (the .zip filetype  is not accepted on forum..)

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Please check my private reply requesting techsupport dump.