NAT Scheme

Hi all,
can someone help me to define NAT configuration scheme?

This is my environment:

PC behind SM-------- SM NAT ------- AP -------ROUTER----- ISP INTERNET

This is my configutation

–On Router--
IP prv GW
Subnet Mask
Ip Pub GW B.B.B.x

–On AP--
IP (LAN1) 169.254.1.x

–On SM NAt enable--

DHCP Client disable
DHCP Server enable
IP NAT Pub 169.254.1.y
Subnet Mask
Subnet Mask Prv
DMZ enable
DHCP start IP
IP to Lease 10

– On PC--

with this configuration and scheme
from PC i can ping only IP NAT prv and not IP GW
but i cant browse on WEB
Is correct?

then, witch IP i have to configure into IP NAT Pub and IP GW on SM for well Browse correctly?

I’m not expert with NAT networking
Plese Help me

mm… ok you have it wrong…

you have an RF address class with the IP address class… if you are not from networking background then it may be a little difficult to understand…

to the following setup:

on the router
IP address

nat public

nat prvt

leave DHCP server enabled

on your PC set confiure IP automatically… (most likely it will pick up the following:

set your DNS manually

in terms of your internet to work you can ignore the IP address on the AP and the RF public address on the SM, these addresses are ONLY used for management and have nothing to do with the way your traffic routes.

with the above settings this is what will happen:

your machine with ip of want to go to the internet so it will send all the traffic to its Gateway which is (your SM)

the SM will then to a NAT translation to and send traffic to its gateway (the router) as far as the router is concerned the source of the traffic is due to NAT.

The router will then send that traffic to the IP Pub GW B.B.B.x however most likely the router will do a second NAT as teh 172.16.x.y is a private address.

Depending on how new you are, you will most likely have more questions now, so feel free to keep asking questions, there as some really good guys here and between us we will walk you through it… one step at a time.

good luck…

Hi mr. vj,
thanks for your reply !

Ok i will try with different RF and Network subnet like your example.

I take advantage for ask to you about my two stupid questions:

1) Witch IP i have to control if reachable with ping command from PC?

2) Is necessary configure DNS paramiter on DHCP server page on SM?
the default is set automatically

thks Massi

no sure what you are asking for in question 1

but to test connectivity you should first ping (test PC-SM)
then ping (test PC-Router)

you can NOT ping nat public

question 2.

on the SM if you click on Advanced Network Configuration you will see two entries for the preferred and seconday DNS, if you fill that in with your DNS servers then your PC will automatically learn the DNS through DHCP provided you have automatic DNS setup checked on the PC. If you do not have the SM configured then you need to put in the DNS yourself.

I would advice putting them into the machine to start off with, and get basic connectivity working and then you can start using the other features.