nat type

i have a normall cambium house router from my internet provider and i want to change my nat type because it gives me problems on my ps4 can someone help?

I would suggest you contact your Service Provider, as these routers are extremely configurable, and can be managed remotely by the service provider.  They would know better how to help you (because they know how your network is set up).

You are probaby seeing moderate / strick nat type on you game which makes hard to do things like join or host games. You will see this usually when your ISP is using private IPs thus the game box sees it as a double nat when your router is in front of it. The best way to make it work seamlessly is to have your ISP assign you a public/static IP by them doing a 1 to 1 nat and giving you the IP to put in your router.

We have 1200+ clients and have seen this many times.

Hope this helps.