Nat vs Router for SMs


New to cambium, Iam wondering what the difference between NAT vs Router for the SM side on the epmp 1000. I understand bridge.

Pros and Cons for all three would be great input.



NAT (Network Address Translation) That is to say one (WAN) IP address is used to source internet to multiple LAN IPs.

ROUTER mode would man you are actually routing a subnet from the WAN side to the LAN side.

NAT Example: WAN ip address is assigned to the WAN/wireless side of the SM. NAT is enabled and the LAN(Ethernet) has assigned to it.. The host computers on the LAN side will all have addresses in the address range or ( and will be the gateway. All the computers will appear to be to all hosts on the internet.

Routing Example: (No Wan/LAN)

SM is in router mode. The wireless interface has an IP of assigned to it. An upstream router is routing to the address.

The Ethernet on the SM has an address of assigned to it. The host computers attatched to the SM will have addresses in the subnet or ( and will be the gateway.

Each host will appear as a unique IP address to computers on the internet.

Clear as mud??

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Helped me out. thanks