National Broadband Map

I checked out the National Broadband Map for the USA and plugged in the location of our home offices in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. It looks like there is one WISP with PMP 100 FSK that is offering "6-10 Mbps" speed. It clearly shows the data id from Dec 31, 2013, so that is pretty dated.

Do any North America WISPs using ePMP or PMP 450 appear in this site and are you at the top of the list for Wireless Broadband Providers?

Sean Heskett of Zirkel Wireless uses Cambium PMP 450 and other solutions to finish at the top of the list of wireless broadband providers in Steamboat Springs, Colorado on the National Broadband Map.

Sean says: "Thanks to Cambium for making the awesome equipment that puts us on top :-)"

Tip on using the map: when entering a location, use the full street address and not just the ZIP Code.

Any other WISPs who finish on the top of the list with Cambium Networks equipment? Or any tips for other WISPs on how to input data so that you are at the top of the list in your area?