Could we get some better navigation on this forum? i believe it’s phpBB, (or some variant) so i’m wondering if you can change the settings so the path links are placed on the top as well as on the bottom:

"Canopy Wireless Community Forum Forum Index -> Suggestions"

that would just make it a whole lot easier to navigate the forums and use this system. otherwise, thanks for the forum, it’s a great help!

- Steven

Just for clarification. You want a path link at both the top and bottom? Is that the only thing that is lacking regarding the navigation?

i wouldn’t mind having some navigation from the forum to get back to the support page with the firmware downloads, documentation, and contact information. if you extend the width of the page you can have the left navigation bar from the rest of the site included next to the forum. if the width is not something you want to change then there can be a horizontal navigation bar added to the header of the page with some basic site links.

:arrow: but i was initially referring to forum navigation because we only see a path link on the bottom of the page here. it would be faster if there was also the same type of link on the top. it’s difficult to get around in the forum when you always have to scroll to the bottom of the page.

also, it would probably be helpful (as the community grows) to add more forums. right now we’ve only got 3, and really most people are using the “general discussion” forum. with everyone putting so many topics and posts in the general discussion forum it makes it really difficult to find topics and get answers. with more specific forums it will be easier to find and give help. maybe you can break forums down into thigns like “network help” , “connectivity help” , “canopy tools” , “suggestions” , “modifications to canopy” , “useage advice” , “firmware upgrades” , “known problems” , and any others that might be helpful.