Does anyone have experience with or knowledge of using 3Com NBX VOIP over a Canopy network. I have a network in place with numerous backhauls, AP’s and SM’s. All are on a single subnet so voice traffic is layer 2. At all the SM’s the NBX telephone and SM are connected to the same switch. The NBX controller is connected to a 3Com switch which also includes the connection for a CMM, with two BH’s and an AP cluster. There are no routers. The problem we are haveing is that the telephone at the SM end can hear everything that comes from the central location but the central location can hear very little of the conversation originated at the SM end. The AP’s are configured for high priority traffic per the manual.

Packets are being lost on the upstream. By default the Canopy does a 75 -25% split down stream up stream. All network based telephony is very sensative to lost packets. Try setting the up and down to 50% and see if there is any difference. Make sure the phones diffserv/tos priority level is the same as the Canopy’s. I will be installing some NBX phones with Canopy in the next week or so. Does the problem occure on both inside and outside calls? Also go to 3Com’s knowledge base http://knowledgebase.3com.com/ and search on LIU the phones have several diagnostic modes that can be used for trouble shooting. Let me know what you find and I will let you know how my install goes.