Need a clarification about an OID


in ePMP’s MIB there is this OID: cambiumpmp80211ConfigurationState

with these possible answers:

			0000 0001 - System is configured.
			0000 0010 - There are unsaved changesets.
			0000 0100 - There are unrestarted services.
			0000 1000 - Needed reboot of the system.
			0001 0000 - Configurations was reset.
			0010 0000 - Services restarting in process.
			0100 0000 - Software Update performed.
			1000 0000 - IP Address or protocol was changed.

I got some AP/BH with “There are unrestarted services”, but they are working AND there is no alerts in web interface, so what does it mean?
And most of the devices have “IP Address or protocol was changed”. What THIS means?

Thank you

Nobody in Cambium have an answer?