Need a Compliled RPM version of PHP to get my BAM server up!

Help, I need an RPM of PHP to get my BAM 2.0 server finished and running. Where can I find one on the internet? I don’t know squat about linux so trying to find a C complier and installing and then…you get the picture, I’m in over my head and need help. I have a stand alone Canopy Network, Linus WS3 update 3 on a Intel P4 box, BAM 2.0 install patch1 and NO it can’t connect to the internet from here. I just did an on-line update 1 week ago at my house and the php updates from Redhat aren’t the right version. Canopy Tech support told me that once I get the correct version of PHP installed my BAM server will be done and running. Thanks.


Super!!! Just what I was looking for. Next dumb question, which version for Linux Red Hat WS 3 Update 3?? Thanks mattmann72!!

Sorry I cant answer that. I dont use redhat. I have gotten all of the software running on other distrobutions instead of dealing with redhat (too proprietary).

NP mattmann72, thanks for your help. I called tech support back and told them what I had done and where I was stuck at. I was not using VNC on another computer to access BAM, I was on the BAM server itself. They help me figure out that the address I was using (http://localhost/gui/) was not working and had to use an IP address instead of localhost to see the web page. Both of us scratched out head over that one. It should not have made a difference…long story short php version 4.3.2-19 is what I am using and the BAM server is done and running now, I think. :slight_smile:

Let me ask you this question now. When ever I try to modify the SM in the BAM web site I get a “Unable to access Record(s)” message. Ever seen that before? I can add a SM and it registers on the AP just fine. But modifing any SM gets my that error message every time. Thanks.