Need a photo of ePMP connecting a video surveillance camera

Hello community - I am looking for a high resolution photo of ePMP connecting a video surveillance camera. Please post any photos you have to this thread.



Cambium Force180 connecting two 4 Megapixel TVCC cameras in Italy!

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Tried inserting and attaching a "High Resolution" photo but "High Resolution" photos are not small and the board refuses any attachment over 8MB (or inline photo over 5MB)... so here it is jpg'ed down to under 8MB.

Cameras were installed to curb vandalism at the park. One F200 is for the cameras (configured as a normal CPE connected to AP about 2 miles away. The other F200 is PTP BH and feeds the MicroPoP in the background.

That's what we use Cambium for exclusively, and are very happy with the results!

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