Need a PTP Link Between Two Houses

HI, I am new to Cambium and just trying to do some research before buying some equipment. I am in South-East Ohio and trying to do a point to point connection. There is no LOS and so I figure 900 MHZ is necessary. I need a speed of around 30 to 40 MBPS at most. The distance is 1.1 miles and there are a few trees in between but the ground looks good. Airlink from UBNT states that the link will work alright topology wise. Can cambium provide any products that will work. I know UBNT offers two yagi's you can set up together but Cambiums website is kind of vague on what I can do.... Or if I can set up two yagis  with the 450i and point them at each other and it will work out. Any help on this is greatly appreciated. -Eric

Assuming the noise floor isn't horrific on 900MHz, there's a really good chance that you can do what you want to do using Cambium's 900MHz gear. At the moment there is not a point to point option. That doesn't mean however that you can't buy a PtMP AP, put a dual-polarity yagi on it, and a client SM w/yagi and make your own PtP.

If you can wait a little while, Cambium is coming out with a dedicated PMP450i 900MHz PtP model which should probably cost less then the option I've mentioned, and also have OEM yagi antennas that fit it properly without adapters. @CambiumMatt any idea when we might see a shipping 900MHz PtP product?

Thats kind of what my assumption is. As for noise floor I am out in the country and I know there is a private WISP that only has one panel (but I'm not even sure if they're operating on the 900 band --- they want 120 a month for 3 MBPS downloads). I am looking to buy the equipment and have it istalled by September. The sooner the better on gear getting up and running. I have reviewed UBNT's 900 yagi with mixed emotions and success. I know this is a Cambium site, but has anyone had luck with that 900 product. Also, what are the components I need to set up at the station and AP to get this to work with your original suggestion. I'm not looking to spend more that 1000 on gear.

@cheatman1342 - A few variables from the conversation stick out to me.  First is NLOS (Non-Line of Site) and <$1,000.  Given the trees the best thing to do is go lower in the spectrum.  900 MHz & 2.4 GHz are the better options to combat the obstructions than 5 GHz.  Next is the budget.  If you are looking for a few Mbps of throughput then our 900 MHz FSK would probably be able to run a 2-level FSK which will give you about 2 Mbps.  If I was going to a single site 1 Mile away with a few rows of trees, I'd likely go with the Force 200 2.4 GHz.  (Everything said is under the assumptions that you have a few rows of trees and not 1 mile of forest :))

I have thought about the 2.4 GHz band but I am just unsure how well it will work. I know there is no way of really knowing if it will work until I try though. I think it is more than a few rows of trees but less than trees for the whole distance.... I don't want anyone to misinterpret my situation. Included are the coordinates of the Station: 39.96541386501613,-84.0567442023468 and AP: 39.9482245392884,-84.06541310188294    Also I have the airlink topography from UBNT.

Looking at the locations and groundcover (I used I'd suggest trying a pair of 2.4GHz ePMP Force200 dishes, one in ePTP Master the other ePTP Slave mode.  If you can mount them 30-40ft in the air I suspect you'll be good to go.  As long as one of them isn't looking at a 2.4GHz sector behind/beside its partner you should be able to get them working and not be bothered by lack of sync.


That is exactly what I would try before going 900MHz. A set of 5GHz Force200's at a mile with "a few trees" in the way might just work fine. Or maybe try to find a cheap used set of integrated PTP500's on the market. Those things can work miracles, I've seen it.