Need Advise

Here’s the deal. I have a customer that keeps getting knocked off when they turn on their cordless phone. The SM is a 9000smc with a 10 dbi yagi antenna. Their phone is a 5.8 G cordless phone. We’ve run shielded cable from top to bottom, tried moving the SM farther away from the phone base, even tried using a 2.4 G phone and they all knock the SM off. Any suggestions?

what is your recieve signal strength at both ends measured in db?

Jeje the good ol 5.8 phone problem …

You know what? … lots of 5.8 phone use 900 too!!

check the fcc id on the phone…$100 bucks that the base tx @ 5.8 ghz and rx at 900 mhz or vice versa


If possible you might want to try going higher in the band since the interferer is probably in the 850-900 MHz range.

Are you able to see a change in the spectrum analysis when the phone is on?

I wouldnt take that bet with Gino, I think he’s right.

I like Gino’s idea about the phone base. The spectrum is so noisy here (-50db to -79db) that we picked the Ideal channel for the AP so we can’t really move much up or down the band. I’ll check the fcc id and go from there. Thanks.