Need Canopy or 802.11 Instructor

Our company teaches the ‘authorized’ monthly 5-day seminars for Motorola Canopy (Canopy 100 through 400) and we have a challenge facing us. Our operations are growing this year such that we need to find another one or two instructors to help us teach Canopy and Muni WiFi-802.11-based products. Do you know of someone who could assist us on an adjunct basis? The ideal candidate would be someone who:

1) Enjoys teaching (and teaches well!!!)
2) Has real-world Canopy and/or 802.11 experience – consulting, designing, installing, troubleshooting with real-world customers
3) Knows how to design an IP network and understands DNS, ARP, ICMP, DoS attacks, proxies, redirects, etc.
4) Understands RF well (dBm, dBi, EIRP, Fresnel zones, gain calculation, inverse square, etc.)
5) Is seen by others as “one of the experts” in Canopy or 802.11 products
6) Has taught formally (and able to show high ratings/marks from the students or customers)
7) Has the freedom to leave their operations for a few days a month to help teach a class
8) Has references who can describe how all the above have been done with high-quality results

I would really like to meet some folks who have these kinds of talents – so if you know of any folks like this (or know “someone who knows someone”) I would really appreciate knowing about it. If you know someone over in Europe or Asia, I might need a ‘local presence’ there, too. Please pass-on my name and request to them and ask them to respond back to: Sales <at sign> ctca <dot> info and to put in the Subject Line: “Instructor Opportunity”

Thank you,

Charles T. Cranford
Canopy Technical Training Partner

I’d be able to teach the 100 class. :slight_smile: Will you fly me to Europe?

I will look around and see if I know anybody who is willing to teach.

Would you believe we have “several” people who would be willing to teach CPT100 in Europe and Asia??? :smiley:

Funny thing is that the folks over there are not used to paying much for training (in Asia they almost “expect” training to be FREE!!!) :shock: So if you would be willing to teach for free, please let me know!!! :lol:

I would appreciate it if you find someone (for North America) who is ‘really good’!!!



Thanks for the offer to send-in a resume for consideration! Please send your information to misc <at-sign> ctca <dot> info and place “Instructor” in the title!

Thanks, again!