Need Emergency Solution Please

Dear All

I am Riyad one of your motorola canopy community member. I am facing a serious problem with my canopy cluster. i am using 4 multipoint ap 5.2 radio for long time, but few days ago i have seen that my radio base are not working fine , that means my SM loss connectivity with the ap. i trying to change frequency but it could 'nt solve , sometime the sm’s is regestrring with the ap and after few minutes sm’s would be down. when it again register the sm’s avg rssi and jitter above 1500 and 2/3 . what is real problem . i am using 4 ap cluaster and a cmm box best-tronics. can any one provide help? if you prove me online suggetion it would be very much appreciatable for me … i realy feeling boaring about this probs…:frowning: …if u want to help me in real time just add my yahoo messenger id … best of luck

Hasan, while members of the forum will be eager to assist you, it is a slow process with alot of trial and error which you do not have time for.

This forum is not a conduit for emergency technical support. I suggest that you contact Motorola Support either by phone or email. They have engineeres standing by to help you.

I would check to make sure all AP’s are still getting proper timing.

Turn your AP’s off doesn’t sound good, but turn off all your AP’s and turn each one on one at a time in SM mode and look at the spectrum analyzer page to see if someone has moved in with the same band of 5.2.

At that, if you put the AP into Alignment mode, you may see if the intruding equipment is Moto Canopy, and pick up their color code. You may have to switch between Hardware Scheduling and Software Scheduling to see them.

I might be wrong here, but would you not have to turn off your SMs as well in order to get an accurate spectrum analysis? (as accurate an analyzer as an AP can be I suppose…)

Both SMs and APs are tranceivers correct?

Both SMs and APs are tranceivers correct?

Correct, but the SM's do not transmit unless they are associated to an AP.