Need height?

One thing we are proud of is our innovative ideas when it comes to getting the customer online when nobody else can.  We have been installing both Rohn 25 TV Towers, and 24' pipes attached to those towers, for years now.  Using PD46 HD brackets, this little trick has been gaining us roughly 20' of elevation to get customers that maybe had a marginal signal to start with, a usable and steady signal for service.


What do you do in regards to earthing and lightning protection?

Please post a link to where we can buy the bracket.

We have our installation technicians install grounding from the STA to the pipe if applicable, using a saddle clamp.  Then we put a grounding saddle clamp on the tower towards the bottom of the tower, and ground the 600SS to that point.  Then we run a number 10 wire down to a single ground point from that grounding saddle.  Usually that ground point will be the meter box, or if the meter box is too far away we install a ground rod to ground the equipment to.

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What do you do when you need to service an AP at the top of the 24' extension? Bucket truck, lower the pole, etc.? I see that there's probably about 6-8' of the pipe below the top of the Rohn, but that still leaves a good amount in accessible by a climber, even a tall one haha.

Loosen the PD46's, slide the pipe down.   If you're accessing the radio, there's a 99% chance it's getting replaced anyways.   Not a whole lot to "service" up there....

Ha, no we don't need tall technicians.  So to service the equipment it's actually quite easy.  Our employees are taught to put an additional PD46 bracket on the base of the pipe, then loosen the brackets holding the pipe and start sliding the pipe down.  The point of the lower PD46 on the pipe is for as you lower it/or raise it, you need to either cut tape or add tape, so you can spin the pipe so the bracket spins into the tower and rests the weight on the pipe on the tower, without having to tighten the upper brackets back up.  Then you continue the process until the pipe is low enough to reach your radio.  Do your repairs on the radio, then start raising the pipe back up, stopping every 3' to 5' to tape the cable, again using your bracket on the bottom of the pipe as a resting point on the tower.  Then once you have your antenna where you want it, tigheten your upper two brackets up and take your bottom bracket back off on your way climbing down the tower.

Ah, I see. Makes sense. I can see how the extra hassle would definitely be worth the extra ~20'.

Very nice.