Need help deleting an account cnMaestro in cnPilot E410

Hello, I have a cnPilot device at my TV store. I want to manage it remotely when I’m away. Unfortunately, when I entered the device’s MAC address into my cnMaestro account, my device was linked to another account. How do I delete that account from my device? I do not know anything about that account. Please help.

You will have to login to the old account in which the device was claimed and deleted the device from that account to claim it in the new account. 



Thank you for your feedback, but I have no information about that account, the seller forgot the account. What should I do?

There are two option's to resolve this. 

1) you can raise a support ticket with a cambium support team. 

2) If you know the email address of the previous account then you can go to this url 

( and click on login, it will take you to the next page where it provides options to reset the password.