need help frequency problem

All our canopy base station all APs have a frequency range from 5735 ghz - 5800ghz.
we calibrated one of the AP frequency 5735 ghz according to frequency disposition on the base.

now we’ve got one SM which has only frequency range from 5745 ghz - 5800ghz and bcos of interferences we can’t change the frequency disposition .

my question : is there a possibility to change that SM frequency range to start from 5735 ghz ?
In fact there is no 5735 ghz in that SM , his frequency start from 5745 ghz only ,so how can i do to set it at the same range?

Is it possible by upgrading the SM?
is there a software that can change the frequency range in a canopy radio.?
please need everyone help to solve my problem.
thkx y’ll best regards.

Enable the ISM Frequencies.

type in ism.html from the webpage

http://sm.ip.add.ress/ism.html … d=111&c=10